Trick & Treet is a board party video game developed by Brock Productions and publsiehd by Fantendo for the Wii U and released on October 23rd, 2013. It features 8 playable Fantendo characters in Vavanza's annual Trick&Treet festival, going around the 8 street-based game boards and collecting candy to be crowned the King of Trick & Treet. It features a traditional space systal similiar to Mario Party, along with minigames and other features known to be on that game.


Icon Name Description
50px Witchy Way A big walkway filled to the brim with cauldrons and witches! Watch for Spooky Spaces, where a witch will come and hex you, or stop by the shop to exchange quarters for potions!
50px Mad Mansion A path around a bit (bouncy) mansion. Explore the inside and the outside on your quest for treets, but watch for evil scientists on Spook Spaces! Even more potions are avaliable.
50px Undead  Terrace Walch for skeletons on the Spook Spaces and make sure to visit the glowing houses as you make your way through this truly spooky place. There may be a secret or two past the bones...
50px Robot Walk RIght from the future come these robot intruders, keeping track of the Spook Spaces and maybe even handing out treets! Just don't forget your alien repelant.
50px Ghouly Galley Ghouls coming from left and right illustrate this path, where Spook Spaces could lead you to being possesed! Don't worry, though, because even ghouls can't resist yummy treets.
50px Spooky Street Anybody could be on Spook Spaces on this all-around place leading up to the Grand Treet Challenge. Almost everything from before is here, and some new things too!